This is Gracie Lee Haught. She was born to us on October 23, 2000. She was born at 5:22 pm and weighed 7lb 11oz, and was 22 inches long. She was a quiet, beautiful baby that immediately connected to everyone she came into contact with. 

As she grew, it was really obvious to us all that she was a special child that even strangers in the grocery store were drawn to. Every person that came across her path remembered her and how she touched them. She was a very loving child that did not know a stranger and always wore a smile. She had that same effect with animals. The horses in our barn would lower their heads for her to touch them when she came to their stall. All of our dogs and cats would follow her around. 

The only thing she loved more than animals and people was to play dress up. She loved to play dress up with all her little friends. Our home was always full of her little friends that would come to play. She would even dress up her little boy friend Cubby in dresses. Not even he could say no to her. 

She loved to play outside and rarely had clothes on for more than a few minutes when we're at home. Shoes were definitely not a necessity for regular use, maybe, in dress up. I truly miss her little dress up parades. She would make all of her little friends' parade around the house in their clippity clop shoes and shimmery dresses, and tiaras. We loved it. Our lives are truly happier because of her. We all believe that we were able to live with an Angel sent from heaven for three short but wonderfully enchanted years. What a precious girl. Our little princess whose favorite color was pink, loved to sing and dance, and whose laugh was oh so contagious.   We miss her in every breath we take.

On February 6, 2004 our family and my husband were burning downed bark beetle trees on our property when the wind blew a black smoke into my Father and Mother In-Laws view and Gracie was accidentally run over and God took her back home. My husband and I along with our entire family were devastated and a piece of us all died with Gracie. We truly will never be the same. 

Our family is strong and our love for each other is even stronger. We are all working together to help each other and talk about Gracie all the time to remember and honor her memory.   Our family, friends, and community have also played a huge part in my family's success. We could not have done it without them. One of the things that was done by a family member and kept up with the help of our friends and community was an account set up at our local Mogollon Health Alliance that would help other families and their children when put in an unexpected emergency situation like ours. 

We know firsthand that even with insurance and being unable to qualify for state assistance that medical bills can be crippling. Hooter and I, had our family to help us out and we know that not all people are as blessed as we are with family and friends to help. 

The Gracie Lee Haught Children's Memorial Fund will do for people in need what our family did for us in our time of need. We will assist or completely pay for hospital bills that families cannot pay and will do it without being paid back. The piece of mind that the bill is taken care of is a big deal and one less thing to worry about when your child needs emergency care.   All cases are handled by  Mogollon Health Alliance on a case by case basis. All you need to do is call. 

 Judy Baker and the Mogollon Health Alliance have made it possible for the Gracie’s Memorial Fund to be more involved in our children’s daily lives by including the Gracie’s Memorial Fund in handing out bike helmets to our elementary school children, teaching our children life saving skills, and getting car seats to those families that cannot afford to buy them. Gracie is touching many lives still today. 

With your help we can get Gracie’s magic touch to many more children and her helping hand to many more families that need her. 
Bobbie Jo Haught