Thank you for your interest in our volunteer program. Volunteers are essential to our organization in carrying out our mission to promote and support the health and safety of children in Rim Country. 

Our volunteers give freely of their time to raise awareness and fundraise for the GLH Children’s Memorial Fund.

Who can volunteer?

Just about anyone interested in promoting the mission of the GLH Children’s Memorial Fund can volunteer.  We have a perfect venue for individuals, families and groups. 

Clubs and associations can increase their community presence and meet their objectives through volunteering with GLH.

All volunteers will be required to fill out a short profile form.  Please click here to download form.

When and where can I volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities occur throughout the year.  However, most of the fundraising activity occurs from March through October.  Volunteers are needed to help with the following:


Gracie Classic Softball Tournament in March

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-  Annual Golf Tournament in May

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-  GLH Memorial Ropin event in August

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-  Thunder Mountain Run (motorcycle run) in October

[Coming Soon]

-  Costume Party in October

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Are there any age restrictions for volunteers?

Young people are welcome to volunteer with their families or as part of a group event.  The Lemonade Stands are a perfect venue for children to participate in a fundraising activity.  Young people under 16 are required to be in the company of an adult at GLH volunteer activities.  Young adults 16 or older may volunteer without an accompanying adult.

For questions or inquiries about volunteering, please Contact us